A "new" car at the Tour de Corse Historique

By taking this Lancia Beta from 1977 to the Tour, Ronny Montereau and Sébastien Chardonnet present the result of hundreds hours of work.

To be sure of the quality of the project they started from the original homologation file and have rebuild everything, until the welds!

The dyno measures today exactly 197 hp and 28 m.kg of torque, beautiful values for a small car that according to the driver gives feelings of conduct close to the Stratos and 037. In other words you don’t have any space, are very elongated and without comfort!

Just finished, she will make her baptism at the Tour, a real challenge, but Mr. Montereau could not resist to the call of Corsica and its unique atmosphere!

Wednesday, September 26th 2018

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Tuesday, October 9th 2018 - 21:34 2018 - GASETTA #1

Sunday, October 7th 2018 - 21:23 Map Porto-Vecchio