At the corner of a conversation

At the wheel of his Morgan Plus 4 SS, Stanilas Gurdjian has already participated in several major events in the historic automobile. But it is during a discussion that his mechanic tells him about the Tour de Corse Historique. The idea immediately appeals to Mr. Gurdjian, he must participate.

As true lover of our Island of Beauty on which he spent part of his summers he registered for the first time in the 19th edition. In this adventure he will be accompanied by Mr. Gonzague Ruchaud in charge of navigation.

Their superb Morgan will evolve and be equipped with a hard-top to participate in Competition!


At the corner of a conversation

Saturday, April 13th 2019

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Monday, June 24th 2019 - 15:45 REGISTRATION TOUR 2019

Thursday, May 23rd 2019 - 17:19 The route of the Tour 2019

Wednesday, April 17th 2019 - 18:30 ​And three!